English grammar is the study or use of the rules about how words change their form and are combined with other words to express meaning. 


Why is grammar important?

For regular people: For students: For business:


The answers why grammar is important for regular people 

Students who are learning a new language need grammar because they will be assessed on grammar. They will be given grammar quizzes, they will have whole classes about grammar. This is true around the world and although perfect grammar is not as important as 

However, depending on your first language you are more likely to make certain grammar mistakes, this means talking or writing to people of other first languages will cause communication problems and misunderstanding.

People often judge others on their grammar or at least they jusdge them on the mistakes they make. Incorrect grammar can and often does distract from the message of what is trying to be communicated.

Poor communication is inefficient and accounts for large losses in business.

The grammar quizzes, grammar worksheets, and grammar courses we offer are designed to allow you to understand and use the grammar of English in sections that were made to help your progression and to make sure that what you learn is immediately usable in everyday conversation or email writing, tests and in your workplace. 

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